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Leaders in navigating name, image, and likeness.

For Athletes

Allow us to help you build your personal brand and turn you into the star we know you are!

College athletes work hard on their image. Let us provide you with business opportunities to capitalize on yours!

Whether you become a professional athlete or successful in another career path, the experience of collaborating with companies of all sizes on marketing campaigns is a very valuable asset to propel your career in the right direction!

For Fan Investors

Support your favorite teams through easy monthly subscription plans perfect for any level of Fandom.
Gain access to exclusive merchandise that will support your team!
Gain access to exciting events featuring Commonwealth NIL Athletes and stay up to date with all the latest NIL news.

For Corporate Investors

Current athletes are a great way to reach your customers through social media!

Today’s college athletes are media stars that lend themselves to a broad audience

Commonwealth NIL can provide you with services for any marketing budget.


NIL refers to the rights of college athletes to monetize and profit from their own personal brand, which consists of their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).

Although NIL is fairly new to the college athletics scene, it is already having major impacts across the country. If an athletics program wants to remain competitive for the coming years, NIL must be built into its culture.

As of July 2021, the NCAA allows college athletes the ability to monetize their name, image, and likeness. In August 2021 the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation making NIL legal for Virginia college athletes.

No, we will work with all student-athletes, no matter the sport! If you have a desire to make an impact in a particular sport, please contact us directly.

While there are other means to sign student-athletes, having one organized collective like Commonwealth NIL will ensure that the proper steps are taken to maximize the value for the student-athletes and ensure proper compliance with NCAA, State law and university policies.

Commonwealth NIL is not officially affiliated with any university or athletic department.

We specialize in comprehensive, diverse, and innovative NIL solutions that will reach every fan and turn our athletes into stars and stars into our athletes.

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